Girls Hockey Wins 1 of 3 in Tournament

Leo Lewis, Contributor

Recently, Totino-Grace girls hockey participated in the bronze division of the Nation Sports Center’s annual Schwan Cup. The ladies came into the tournament looking to finish 2016 with some W’s.

The first game on December 26th saw the Eagles play Mahtomedi in what turned out to be a real barn burner. The Eagles drew first blood with a goal from senior captain Megan Zurbay in the first period. The Zephyrs returned the favor in the second period to tie the game. A stalemate lasted the rest of the game and brought the teams to overtime. Sadly just 4:03 into the period, Mahtomedi was able to put one through the back of the net to end the game.

Luckily, the Eagles had the chance to bounce back the very next day with a match against St. Cloud. This game was a slightly different story, with our friends from the north striking in the first period. Eagles’ forward Mackenzie Bertolas returned the strike in the second. However, the St. Cloud was able to pull ahead just before time expired.

The last day of the tournament the Eagles were hungry for a W.  No one was going to stop them from winning this last game. Owatonna was the program that was lucky enough to try and stop them. The ladies came out hot and junior Lauren Shenenamn was able to put one behind the Owatonna keeper early in the first. Good defense carried the Eagles throughout the rest of the game to their second  win of the season and a second to the last place finish in the Schwan cup bronze division.

2017 looks to hold more success for the Eagles.