Christmas Mass Fashion

Kiley Burns, Contributor

Christmas Mass is one of very few opportunities to dress up at Totino-Grace. December 21st is a day you don’t want to miss. Students have the option to go all out and dress up for Christmas Mass.


For those of us that love to dress up, this is a big deal. Students finally get to leave the khakis at home and can dress up for our annual Christmas Mass.

Many girls really enjoy dressing up. Junior Marie Clysdale said, “I love dressing up, because I like doing my make up and putting on a bold liquid lipstick.” Marie plans on wearing a maroon velvet dress with strappy open toe black heels.

Junior Abbey Dahl likes dressing up and seeing everyone’s outfits. She said, “I think the freshmen are always cute.” Abbey is wearing a black or grey dress with strappy grey heels.

Sophomore Claire Page is wearing something a little different than the rest of the girls. She plans on wearing a green lace dress with black heels. Claire said, “Yes, because it’s fun look pretty at school for once.”

Senior Sydney Bresina is going to be wearing a dress that is a winter toned color with black heeled boots. Sydney had a similar response to Marie, “Yes, I like to see all the outfits and I like doing my make up and looking pretty and not wearing uniforms, just something different.”

Senior Shae Peters is planning on wearing something a little different, a festive red bodysuit with a cream colored skirt and red heels. Shae also enjoys dressing up but she said,  “It’s really stressful with all the rules we have to follow. You can never find anything that’s TG appropriate now days.”

Senior Anna Harlan is also wearing a skirt, but this one is a little below the knee and it’s called a tulle skirt with a flannel and big chunky necklace.Her color scheme is greys and reds, paired with strappy black heels. Anna said, “I think christmas time makes you feel more like community when you dress up and you dress up with your family, so why wouldn’t you dress up with your community?”

Senior Lily Conforti is trying to be original and different this year. She plans on wearing red velvet dress  pants probably with a black bodysuit and chunky black closed toe heels. Lily also said, “Yes, because I get to express my personality through what i’m wearing and be unique and different from other people.”

Not everyone enjoys dressing up for Christmas Mass. Some students feel that it is a lot of unnecessary pressure and stress.

Junior Shelby Kerkow said,  “I kind of feel like girls are going to be self-conscious because it’s a big thing for girls because they have to really dress up and show off for people.  Otherwise it’s nice to change it up a bit.” Shelby will be wearing a red, brown, and black dress with brown closed toe wedge heels.

Junior Rachel Kleszyk isn’t sure what she is wearing but she said probably a dress with colors of gray and or burgundy possibly a boot kind of heel. Rachel doesn’t really like dressing up for Christmass Mass her response was “No, I think it’s extra.”

Senior Anna Schumacher had similar response she said, “It’s okay, I think it’s a lot of pressure.”

Anna is planning to probably wear a maroon or black tighter type of dress. With nude open toe one strap heels.

Senior Charlotte Williams thinks she is wearing a skirt also with a color scheme of deep red and black with open toe, one strap black heels. Charlotte says “No, It stresses me out.”

Christmas Mass at Totino-Grace is not mandatory to dress up. Students have the opportunity to dress up if they want to, or you can wear your uniform if you don’t like to dress up. Many girls  were interviewed and each had a different response on whether they enjoy dressing up for Christmas Mass and why or why not.  This year from the responses we got it seems that the color of the year is black.