Spotify, Then Everything Else

Spotify, Then Everything Else

Matt Kennedy, Editor

Here at TG, music services have influenced many kids in our school. In the Eagle News Network our staff has compiled some data about it.

The applications listed were Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Soundcloud, Google Play Music, and Youtube.

The most popular of the sites was Spotify by 76% which is very much like Apple Music except it has the features of Discover Weekly, the option to share what you listen to with your peers, and actually helping kids do hard work on their assignments.

Spotify is an application found in our school’s app store and it has gotten more popular ever since. Spotify is a lot like Apple Music but it gets some of it’s influence from Pandora by letting the listener shuffle through it’s ginormous library of tunes. Soundcloud is also very much like Spotify but gives you the option to even produce your own music and boasts the biggest library out of any music service with 120 million songs compared to Spotify’s third place with 30 million, which is also behind iTunes by 5 million jams.

Most people here agreed that they like Spotify because of it’s free skips, the advantage to create your own playlists and follow others and its option for the newest releases. Spotify is knocked mainly for not being able to import songs unlike Soundcloud with it’s amount of remixes and the ability to upload your own music in hd sound. Pandora was knocked for not having the option to play any song you want that frustrated fellow peers as well.

When asked on how the music stations affect their daily lives most people said that it mostly helps them focus on their homework and affects their daily lives by making them cooler and in a groove. Most students love using Spotify especially all day.

Freshman William Mellas even gave his Soundcloud for everyone to listen to: