Senior Retreats

Kiley Burns, Contributor

Totino-Grace’s student council puts together retreats for our freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors to help us grow as a community, experience and learn life lessons with your classmates and friends.

The retreat is a mix of games, prayer, reflection, and small and large group discussion time.

Seniors sign up for what retreat they want to go on that benefits their personal preference best. Seniors had a choice between a single day retreat or an overnight retreat.

Senior day retreats are held here on campus in the residence center. Seniors can sign up for day retreats: Friday, September 16th & Friday, March 31

Seniors can sign up for overnights: December 1-2, December 8-9, & April 5-6. Senior overnights are held at Dunrovin Retreat Center in Marine on St. Croix.

Mrs. Bennington explained the senior retreat experience and what to expect, “The Senior retreat is the Faith retreat. Much of the retreat focuses on your high school faith journey. Where you were as freshmen, where you will be as you move on from TG.”

She explained the major take-away from the retreat. “Throughout our lives, we often look for big, loud, or major signs to direct us along our path. On this retreat we like to focus on looking for God in the gentlest of whispers, allowing ourselves to see God in the simplest parts of our day. As many seniors journey off to college, this retreat is a reminder that God and faith can be a constant for you amongst all the change.”

Senior retreats are mandatory for a reason this is an experience that is supposed to be impactful on your everyday life. The discussions and the take aways from this retreat are worth it and something you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

If you have not signed up for your senior retreat contact Traci Bennington at [email protected] to find out what retreat you have been assigned to.