Conner Samson, Editor

Some of you may remember their presentation at convocation early in the year; however, many of you still may not know about SOURCE (Students of Underrepresented Race Culture and Ethnicity).

According to the administrator of SOURCE Mrs. Koessler, it is “a group that works to promote diversity and inclusion of students in our school community​​ from a variety of races, cultures and ethnicities through the participation in ​open dialogue, community building events and ​experiential educational opportunities.  These activities work to highlight and enhance the unique gifts and perspectives​ that students from a variety of backgrounds bring to Totino-Grace and how they can be used inside and outside of our school community.”

Junior Kameron White said, “The best thing about SOURCE is the conversations we have.” These conversations according to Kameron allows students to “be comfortable with being uncomfortable and avoid stereotyping and other misguided beliefs.”

Sophomore Sydney Florell believes the best thing about SOURCE is that “it is a place/club that does not require ‘work,’ I never feel like it is an actual commitment. I choose to go, and I never regret it. I always get something out of the things we do and there is such a variety of events and people that it is never boring.”

Sydney Florell said students do not need make a big commitment. “SOURCE is not a big commitment at all. Just about everything we do besides planning are just really fun events.”

“I would totally recommend SOURCE to anyone interested. Even if you are not sure, just come to one event or meeting and if you do not like it there is no commitment. Also, you are welcome to choose when you want to come to participate. If you have an interest in different cultures, social justice, or just hanging out with fun, diverse group of people, SOURCE would be the place for you.” 

SOURCE is planning a holiday celebration after mass on Wednesday, December 21st, where SOURCE alumni will be welcomed back. Here they will share their experiences and engage in activities that celebrate their cultural backgrounds. Another event is an excursion to the Penumbra Theatre on December 18th, where SOURCE members will be seeing a performance of the Black Nativity. Mrs. Koessler says that more events and activities will be planned for next semester.

All students at Totino-Grace are welcome to join SOURCE. SOURCE is for anyone who is looking for a safe and welcoming environment in which to share and experience in the rich diversity of our school community.

Contact Mrs. Koessler or Mr. Blake if interested in joining SOURCE and getting more information about upcoming meetings and events. Students can participate in SOURCE at any level, whether attending a single event or coming to monthly meetings. It can be tailored to your level of interest and availability.