What REALLY goes down in the Teacher’s lounge?

Taylor O'Connor, Editor

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Walking down third corridor in the back halls, we pass by the teacher’s lounge on a daily basis. We hear their elusive laughter and chatter echoing off the walls. But what do they truly talk about in their lounge? Students gave their thoughts on the matter.

The majority of the students agree that the hot topic in the teacher’s lounge is student life. Simply put: “They gossip,” said  senior Paige Berg. Whether that covers how students act in class or what we do outside of class, the range is broad. But one thing seems for certain, students believe that teachers talk about them.

Something else that is for certain, “There are definitely cliques within the teacher’s lounge,” said senior Ben Stagg. Students believe that teachers have their own friend groups, similar to our student body. They think it might depend on what department the teacher is in or what state they are from.

“I feel like the teachers from Wisconsin have formed their own little clique,” said junior Ella Paden.  The teachers form their own little circles to talk about their curriculum and more student life. Whether they gossip about one another is unknown, but students have their suspicions.  

Then there are the teachers who could care less. Ella Paden says,“I feel like at any given time, there’s at least one teacher sleeping in the corner.” There are the teachers who could care less what happens in the teacher’s lounge and just sit in there to enjoy their food or get work done.

Whether there’s gossip or nap time, the teachers lounge will remain a mystery to students. The teacher’s lounge could be a hotbed of gossip for teachers or a dull, quiet sanctuary for teachers to go to for completing work. Perhaps it’s both, but that is another story.

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What REALLY goes down in the Teacher’s lounge?