MFCA All Star Game

Matt Kennedy, Editor

Our Totino-Grace Eagles have won the 6A championship but some of our players were not finished playing on the gridiron. Seniors Gayflor Flomo, Joe Russell, and Charlie Waters were all chosen to play for the North team in this years MFCA All-Star Game.

Coach Jeff Ferguson was also chosen to lead the North vs. Mike Grant’s South squad. A rematch that would end in the South’s favor.

Both squads from the North and South were evenly matched both packed with great players from the 9-man leagues all the way to 6A. The South ended up winning the matchup by a score of 15-7.

The practices usually consisted of non-contact reps and limited time. Joe Russell described it as being “pretty chill”.

The players from TG also made a bunch of new and unlikely friendships from preparation for the big game.

Joe Russell said, “I formed many new friendships with players I had played against so many times and not liked too much. All of the guys were great and it was awesome to get to know them.”  

Charlie Waters also replied, “I met a lot of great guys and players at the all star game. It was just an awesome experience getting to know and playing with Minnesota’s best football players.”

Personally, the game meant a lot to the players as well. Joe Russell said, “This game wasn’t as much about winning. It was an honor to be selected for the team and it was more just about getting to know the guys and enjoy the experience.”

Charlie Waters talked about playing at U.S. Bank Stadium for a 3rd straight game. “It was fun to play at the Bank again, but the game was nothing like the first two. There was no life to the building like there was in the state championship.”

 And finally, defensive back Joe Russell from TG got awarded Defensive MVP of the North. “It was cool to win that award, especially when playing with such talented players.”