Conservative Joy: The Republican Reaction to the Election Results


Kate Lawless, Editor

A pleasant surprise awaited members of the Republican party as they awoke on the morning of November 9th to find that Donald Trump is the President Elect and the Republicans maintained a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Though conservatives were hopeful that their party would maintain control of Congress, most researchers and previous polls predicted that Hillary Clinton would become the next President. However, it seems that Trump was a more appealing candidate.

Many Democrats are unable to see that appeal of Donald Trump, but if the negative media coverage and strategic rhetoric employed by Trump himself is stripped away, it is apparent why he is the President Elect. Donald Trump isn’t “politically correct”, and he’s very opinionated. In that sense, he’s relatable because he’s imperfect and he’s honest. On the other hand, he’s a well-connected, businessman, as evidenced by his Trump Empire, which reassured many voters that Donald Trump understands the global economy and can aid the struggling American economy. While he lacks the same eloquence and poise as some of his previous competitors from both parties, he has the same goal of making America a great country. Trump is what many people want America to be: strong, confident, successful, and ready to take on big challenges.

Since the election, groups have been organized all around the United States to protest Trump’s election. Many people are “rejecting” Donald Trump as the president, although these protests will not reverse the election results. Some Democrats complain of an increase in hate crimes, which they feel is a direct result of his election. Donald Trump does not endorse or condone any of these crimes and has implored his supporters and all Americans not to harm or harass one another. Many Republicans feel that liberals took Trump’s quotes out of context or hyperbolized them, especially those relating to immigration, sexuality, and reproductive rights.

Immigration policy is a subject of much debate in recent years and Trump’s policies seem too harsh to many liberals. What Americans must remember is that coming into the United States without identification or documentation or not returning to your home country after your visa expires is illegal and is a security risk. As the president, it is Trump’s duty to uphold our laws and to fulfill his campaign promise of being an enforcer of law and order. The United States cannot simply accept anyone and everyone who wants to move into the country and Republicans look forward to the return of respect for law enforcement.

Since election day, Donald Trump has behaved in a manner that had impressed many people. After a moving interview on 60 Minutes, Trump proved that he is respectful and intelligent. He had kind things to say about Hillary Clinton, recognizing that the election loss was very hard for her, and that he appreciates her congratulations, saying they had “a lovely call”. Democrats have criticized Trumps lack of transparency concerning the military and his plans to address terrorism at home and abroad. When asked what his plans for destroying ISIS are, he replied “I don’t tell you that”, not because he has no plans or doesn’t want to communicate with the American people, but because he doesn’t believe in laying out his plan on national television for all of America’s enemies to hear. The Donald Trump that the biased media has propagated- a mean-spirited, unprepared man- is not found in his 60 Minutes interview.

Already, Donald Trump’s election has been working wonders for the American economy. According to CNBC, the DOW has posted the “best week since 2011” because it rose around 5 and a ½ percent. Stock prices skyrocketed and gas prices went down. This is testimony to the trust people have in a Trump economy. People know that Trump’s connections with overseas companies and extensive construction empire are evidence of his expertise in the finance world and they trust in his leadership and delegation abilities to make American businesses less restricted and more financially successful.

The President Elect has released the plans for his first 100 Days in office and his goals are in line with his campaign platform, something that terrifies many Democrats and reassures Republicans. Trump’s plans, however, are not as radical as the Democratic party assumed. The plan features steps such as placing a hiring freeze on federal employees (excluding military and public health/safety personnel, of course) and requiring the abolishment of two federal regulations after the creation of each new regulation to give more freedom to American businesses. He plans to replace the Affordable Care Act with a universally affordable health-care system, introduce education reform, renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, and allow the creation and continuation of energy infrastructure projects that had previously been restricted by the Obama Administration. Democrats who are afraid that Trump will lessen funding to national anti-climate change organizations will find that he is true to his word, but may be placated by the funds new intended use. Trump instead plans to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure, making it clear that his priority is to care for America and its citizens. As for immigration, Trump wants to suspend immigration from terror-prone regions, such as the Middle East, because immigrants cannot be safely and properly vetted in that environment. According to National Public Radio, Trump said people who are admitted into the country from other areas will need to be “extremely vetted” in order to ensure the protection of the country.

Whether the Democrats like it or not, the electoral college chose Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States. Though liberals cry out for unity and inclusion, the recent protests make it obvious that they do not include people who support our next president. Now Republicans urge Democrats and members of other political parties to stop the continuing criticism and anger towards Donald Trump. All people should join together as the United States to support the man who was elected by their fellow Americans and help him do what he believes is best for its citizens.