Math Team

Mark O'Donnell, Contributor

Did you think that there wasn’t a math team this year at Totino-Grace ?

Well, Ms. Fagan has just formed a team that has been in progress since November 1st.

If you’re wondering what a Math team consists of and what they do to prepare for their meets, it’s not that much work.  You can even participate while you are in other clubs or sports at TG.

The math team meets twice a week and will go over certain types of problem solving and play math games to enhance their problem solving speed. If you’r lucky there will be some milk and cookies waiting for you when you attend the meetings.

You might be wondering what a math meet looks like and how the competition is scored. Here’s how it works: each team member chooses to compete in two individual events, and all team members compete in the team event. Each high school math team chooses its eight top members. The individual events usually consist of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus topics. The team contests contain all types of math and can be solved with multiple people.

They will have math meets once a month at a local area high school. TG had their first meet at Spring Lake Park on Monday, November 7th. If you feel like you want to join the math team contact Ms. Fagan at [email protected] .