Why are makeup tutorials so interesting?

Kiley Burns, Contributor

At Totino-Grace High School, we use our laptops in most of our classes. The next big distraction, especially for girls, is makeup tutorials.

Makeup tutorials are taking over the classrooms at Totino-Grace. Sophomore Lizzy Tutland and Sophomore Ava Cheasick told us about why they are so obsessed with watching makeup tutorials.

Lizzy Tutland watches make up tutorials mostly in open period. Lizzy watches Lauren Curtis because she does makeup tutorials on everyday looks. She posts videos on her favorite beauty products and recommends the best in her opinion. 

“It shows different ways and tips and ideas on how to do your makeup and it’s helpful but also fun to watch what makeup products they like to use.”

Lizzy admits that she spends most of her money on makeup. When she gets new makeup, she gets foundations, highlighters, or lip products.

“I look at youtube videos before I purchase something to see if the person liked the product and if it is worth buying.”

Ava Cheasick also watches make up tutorials in open periods. Ava likes to watch Jaclyn Hill and Lauren Curtis because they are funny. They also help her find new products that are good and teach new techniques that can better her makeup skills.

Ava said, “I have bought many products that Lauren Curtis suggests because I have similar skin tone to her, and the products she recommends always work out for me.” Her favorite part of makeup is lipstick, lip liner, lipgloss and prefers matte lipstick.

From lip colors to concealers, everyone is talking about makeup. There are unlimited tutorials on Youtube from full face makeup to eyebrows and eyeshadows.  You heard it here first: makeup tutorials are taking over Totino-Grace laptops because makeup is interesting to watch and everyone wants to find out what’s next in the makeup industry.