Election Reaction


ENN Staff, Taylor O'Connor, and Kate Lawless

In the early morning hours on November 9th, Donald Trump secured the 270 electoral votes he needed to become the President of the United States. After many months of controversial campaigning done by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and President Elect Donald Trump, the election result both shocked and relieved many Americans. This result matched our Totino-Grace election results, which were posted on ENN yesterday.

TG students and staff are experiencing a wide variety of emotions.


I think America made the right decision. His ideas are going to help change this country and return it to its great form. I believe Donald Trump has aspirations and dreams to make our country great again. I expect there to be a major change in the way this country is run. The economy will be run more efficiently.

— Sam Hanson


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I felt devastated. I expect broken promises with him taking his words back. I see more hatred and fueled anger. That’s why some people were voting for him. People agreed with how he was doing this, and now I believe there will be more in the U.S.

— Amira Lateef


After 8 years of Obama, the light at the end of the tunnel is finally here as Donald Trump will be our new president.

— Nick Scovil


I’m a little nervous about Trump because he is short tempered and a hot head. I don’t like Trump, but I like him more than Hillary. If I could vote, I would have voted for Donald Trump. Business in the United States will improve.

— Spencer Krech


I feel as if America is going to be great again!

— Will Jaeger


I felt disgusted and embarrassed to be an American. I feel horrible as a privileged white woman and can’t imagine how violated and scared all women, blacks, Muslims, Latinos and other minorities are. I could not be more disappointed. I expect white supremacy and for the U.S. to take many steps back from the developments we’ve made. I expect to be a country who is laughed at.

— Izzy Benson


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I think Trump will be a fine president, so would Hillary. Not much will change; they won’t do as much as people think they will.

— Ryan Hall


I felt as though the country has finally proven itself to be an oligarchy of white males. While surprising, I believe that this racism, hatred, and bigotry had been stirring in America for a very long time. Trump was just a catalyst to the explosion of hatred in the USA. It is surprising, yes, but we are now forced to see the consequences of our decision. Finally we see what America is truly about, and what it always was about. Racism-sexism-hatred-profit- and power.

— Owen Schultz


Man…I don’t know. Trump…I don’t know. Hillary…I don’t know. Wish there was a third option. There’s gonna be a shift in how our country runs now with Hillary not winning. I’m speechless!

— Martin Ngaima


It is alarming to know that about half of American voters are willing to accept the racism and misogyny displayed by Donald Trump. While most of these voters do not support his racist and misogynist comments, they are willing to accept them, which seems contradictory to the American way. I am expecting a government dominated by a single party, the Republican Party. I don’t think having all the government run by one party and group of thinkers is healthy.

— Nathan Eichten