Transfer Transition

Macallan McSherry, Contributor

Being a transfer student is a unique experience that most people never have and never will understand. Transfer students’ reasons for leaving their old school all different, as are the experiences.

Most people want to know what the transfer experience is like and how it is different from theirs.

Two transfers, Ben Palmer and Matt Laman, were asked what their transfer experiences were like.  Ben Palmer transferred from Spring Lake Park a few weeks after school started.

My sister had started the year here at TG and my mom really liked the school, so before it was too late I moved schools to Totino. It was hard at first. The hardest part was adapting to the rotating schedule and the change from the Ipads to Macbooks. Friends weren’t too hard. Lots of kids were very nice to me, showing me around the halls and where my classes were.”

Another transfer is Matt Laman. Matt went to Centennial and started the year here and is liking it a lot, saying, “I transferred because of how they ran the school and how that they just pushed their student through the system and didn’t care about how you did. The transfer was very easy because of the community and the welcoming people. The first time I came too TG was one of the best times I’ve had at school because community is amazing the people are also amazing.”

It’s great to know that these transfers felt so welcomed into our community and that they already love it here. Their experience is not that different from ours, as long as they aren’t treated like they are new, but as part of our community.