Kieran Mueller – A Noble American


Leo Lewis, Contributor

On Kieran Mueller’s 18th birthday, September 7, 2016, he enlisted in the Army. He is the only student currently at Totino-Grace to have done so. In addition to enlisting, he has been involved with the National Guard since this summer. 

“I decided to join to serve my country and to better myself as a person.” He elaborated, “I’ve always looked up to veterans and their experiences. Some of my close friends’ parents served and I love hearing their stories.“

“The national guard doesn’t interfere with school much since it allows me to live at home and drill one weekend a month and two weeks in the Summer. Since I got in early in the year, I was able to pick a ship date for basic training that works well for me, I leave after graduation and get back before school begins in late August. I will be spending 11 weeks at Fort Benning, Georgia.” says Kieran. “So far, [the workload] is not much since I’m only drilling one weekend a month and haven’t been to basic. We have optional physical training at the armory in Brooklyn Park twice a week but the majority of my workload is simply utilizing our school’s weight room as much as I can, eating right, and trying to learn as much as I can on my own.”

Presently, Mueller is a Private (Rank E-1) infantryman (11B). He is going to be a member of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) while in college. He will attend the University of Minnesota. When he has completed this he will rank up to officer (O-1). He hopes to be an Infantry Officer someday.

I’m able-bodied. If I can do it, why wouldn’t I?

— Kieran Mueller

After college, he will be given the choice of staying in the guard or going active duty.

“Since I can expect to be deployed, I hope it takes me somewhere interesting. Right now with little conflict (U.S. Intervention), soldiers are being deployed to places like Egypt and Croatia. If I were to go active duty, I’d be extremely lucky if I were sent to a base in Germany, Guam, Seoul or the UK.”

Eagle News Network would like to extend our thanks, and congratulate this young man on serving our country.