Soccer seniors moving on


Kiley Burns , Contributor

Totino-Grace’s girl’s soccer team had a really good season, finishing with 15 wins and 4 losses. Seniors Arianna Delmoral and Danielle Brown both went into the season not knowing what the outcome would be, but both were satisfied and proud of how well the season turned out.

“Rewarding” and “competitive” are the two words Arianna uses to recap her last year of playing for Totino-Grace, while Danielle describes the season as “eventful” and “spontaneous”.

Both of the girls will miss playing with some of their best friends.

“I will mostly miss playing with an incredible group of people who all separately bring a special piece to the team. It was great playing with a team that was very creative and connected well on the field,” said Arianna.

Danielle shared a similar opinion, “I will probably miss playing with some of my best friends; I think that it will be sad to not see everyone’s faces everyday after school.”

Their passion for soccer doesn’t stop here, Arianna will be continuing to do what she loves playing for the University of Minnesota. Danielle will also play division 1 soccer at University of South Dakota.

Although the girls didn’t make it to state, they are excited to continue their soccer careers in college

Arianna is excited to meet new people and to be in a program that is very competitive and has high level soccer. She hopes that the program will challenge her and help her improve as a player.

Danielle is looking forward to meeting new friends and becoming a better player.  Danielle is a little nervous about getting the playing time that she is used to. She knows she will have to work hard and prove that she deserves the position.

Both Arianna and Danielle wish the Totino-Grace girls’ soccer team the best.

“I hope that next year the Totino-Grace girls’ soccer team will make the most of the season have fun, and work hard to make it to state” said Arianna.

Danielle shared a similar response  “I hope that they stay positive and use it as a growing year and as a way to improve their soccer skills.”