Student Profile: Herbert Endeley


Conner Samson, Editor

He receives a pass, gaining control of the ball and dribbling past a defender. He switches it over to his left foot, taking it to the left side of the goal as he taps it past the goalie who comes out to contest the shot… Goal!

Sophomore Herbert Endeley lives and breathes soccer, playing it as much as he can year round. Aside from playing forward on the Totino-Grace Varsity Soccer Team, Herbert plays on the Coon Rapids traveling team in the summer. During the regular season, Herbert led the TG soccer team with 10 gunnamed-2oals,
7 more than any other member of the team.

Soccer has always been a part of Herbert’s life. “I grew up around it, my parents played it and I have been playing it all my life.”

One quote Herbert says resonates with him is from Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho who says, “I learned about life with a ball at my feet.”

Herbert attended Epiphany Catholic School before coming to Totino-Grace. When asked what he thought of Totino-Grace so far he replied, “TG is a great school, I would recommend it to others.” Hebert comments that his favorite classes are history with Mr. Trovato or Spanish.

Outside of school, Herbert enjoys hanging out with friends, playing video games, and  playing a variety of sports including soccer.

Herbert hopes to continue playing soccer in the future. He said, “I hope to make it as a professional one day and I try everyday to get better, so that one day my dream will come true.”