Freshman Retreats

Brooke Fleming, Contributor

Each year at Totino-Grace every grade is able to have a retreat day where they are able to invest in themselves through a day of learning. Each retreat, depending on grade, focuses on one of the four Totino-Grace covenants: faith, learning, service, and community.

The freshman retreat is dedicated to community. At this retreat, students experience teamwork and spend time growing closer to their peers. Students grow closer while working on teamwork skills and have the “Lasallian Olympics”. This is an all day event with games and friendly competition led by campus ministers.

The student ministers also dedicate time to sharing their intellect with the underclassmen. They can share about their high school experiences, goal setting, relationships and faith. They can share stories, advice or helpful tips.

The goal of the retreat is for the class to see the community they are a part of and have the opportunity to get involved in it. This retreat is held in the residence center and the grade has four retreat groups which keep the groups small and close.

The campus ministers who lead this take a lot of time to plan the retreats and make them a success. They enjoy all the games and wish they could be a part of every retreat.


“I love watching how students grow from their freshman retreat to their senior retreat.” -Mr. Million