Construct Tomorrow

Conner Samson, Editor

Are you a high school senior trying to figure out what career you want to choose? Are you interested about a career in construction work? If you answered yes to these two questions, then Construct Tomorrow is the right program for you!

Promoted this year by Totino-Grace, Construct Tomorrow allows students to find a career path they enjoy, and receive training for that career.
Construct Tomorrow provides information about apprenticeship career training and opportunities in the construction industry. They are composed of skilled teachers who show students how to be an electrician, plumber or carpenter and contractors who build structures.

The team hosts events to show the different types of career training that building trades have to offer. This program offers a more “hands on” feel than your average career seminar. Students are able to experience the 16 careers available through “apprenticeship training,” meaning paid on-the-job.

Mr. Welle and Mr. Bertz took students to a fair located in Fort Snelling on October 13th, where students had a “hands on” experience through multiple building trade stations. The hope is that students have found one or more building trades out of the 16 offered as a potential career path.


If you are into construction and want to experience the atmosphere of these jobs, then come along to a future Construct Tomorrow fair! Below is a video made by the Construct Tomorrow program which talks about the duty of an apprentice, and how to further one’s career in the field of building trades.


Apprenticeship: Building Your Career