Pep-Fest Perspectives

Joe Pinc, Brooke Fleming, and Megan Smith

First pep-fest for freshmen

By Joe Pinc

Homecoming is always such an exciting time of the year; games, themes, and the pep-fest make up a thrilling week. The pep-fest is the most anticipated event of the fall season, and there’s a good reason for that.

Totino-Grace’s pep-fest is a long tradition of chants, challenges, and fun. With the high anticipation and eager attitudes for the upcoming event, I had to get the thoughts of students who haven’t experienced but only heard of the action packed event.

Isaiah Traufler and Shay Lodermeier shared their thoughts about the pep-fest. “I’m most excited for the guy girl dance, and watching my friends be goofy on the dance floor,” Isaiah stated.

Shay had the similar response, “I think that I’m most excited for the guy girl also, I think it’s going to be really funny seeing the guys try to dance.”

With many emotions running through the halls, the freshmen are well aware of the intensity that comes with the pep-fest, and are well prepared to cheer until their voices are gone and give their class a shot at hoisting the “Spirit Stick”.


The staff perspective

By Brooke Fleming

Teachers play a big role in homecoming week here at Totino-Grace. Most teachers find that the week is fun and exciting due to the themes of spirit days and all the activities.

A few teachers even are able to say they made the transition from being a student at the pep-fest to a teacher at the pep-fest. “Homecoming week is a great opportunity for all students and staff to let loose, have fun and come together as a community and cheer for sports teams and at the pep-fest, as well as build camaraderie,” said Mr. Million, a campus minister.

When interviewing teachers who just experienced their first TG pep-fest, they found it to be new and exciting but overwhelming. The transition of the tradition just takes getting used to and the pep-fest can be a bit of a shock.

“As a teacher, homecoming was rough. I didn’t realize how every day would be different and difficult to get students in a routine. It was fun but it was also hard. There were a lot of new things,” said new math teacher Mrs. Thompson. Even though she found it to be overwhelming, she still was able to participate in the game of musical chairs but lost to the seniors in their fourth consecutive win. 

Many teachers, as well as the student body, find the day of the pep fest to be one of the best days of the school year. It is full of chanting, cheering, games and friendly competition between the grades. The teachers tend to be surprised when they see how rowdy the students get throughout the pep-fest.

Farewell pep-fest for Seniors

By Megan Smith

This past week the senior class had their final homecoming.

Some students said that they didn’t think homecoming lived up their their expectations because of the lack of school spirit. Paige Berg, a senior, said, “I feel like people have just given up.”  

Brooke Palme puts it, “I don’t care what it would’ve been. I just know that no one has as much spirit as [the seniors] did these past years.”

But there weren’t many negative comments. The most frequent comments I got were about the “4-peat”. The seniors have won the basketball musical chairs game every year for four years. “None of the other stuff matters. All that matters is that we won the basketball game,” said Joe Dols.  

Most of the the seniors would agree. The reaction the student section had when Maddie sat in the chair was deafening.