Profile: Christine Karki

Kate Lawless, Editor

Christine Karki has been the director of TG theatre productions for the last 3 years. Her job involves choosing and casting the shows, as well as making decisions about blocking (where and how a character moves and when) and how the set and costumes should look.

Mrs. Karki has been involved in theatre since kindergarten, when she sang a duet with a classmate for her principal. “The other boy was messing up, so I pushed him out of the way and finished the song myself”, laughed Mrs. Karki, “I’ve loved performing ever since.”

Mrs. Karki pursued her passion for theatre and attended Gustavus Adolphus College. She majored in Theatre Education and English education. Her first acting gig was in 1996 and she’s been acting, singing, dancing, and directing ever since.

Mrs. Karki belongs to the Daleko Arts Theatre Company and has a lot of experience in theatre. She has been in Little Shop of Horrors four times, was in Tony and Tina’s Wedding for three years, and performed in Batboy the musical, where she met the actor who later became her husband.  

Her favorite thing about theatre is that it evokes a lot of emotion from the audience and the performers. She chose to be a director because she loves putting all the puzzle pieces of a show together, like the tech, the music, and the set pieces.

Mrs. Karki hopes many people will be involved in theatre, whether they audition or come see the shows. She says, “Come and hang out in the theatre, come see what we’re all about. I have an open door policy during rehearsal” to all the kids who are unsure if theatre would be something they’d enjoy. She is currently directing her favorite show, the fall production of Guys & Dolls. Performances are November 2nd-5th.