Part 2 – Liberal Presidential Election Interview

Macallan McSherry, Contributor

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The Democrats and Republicans have been quarreling for months about their presidential candidates. In our last article, the conservative viewpoint was discussed and now we have the chance to hear from the liberal side. In this article Meg Schnagl, a sophomore at Totino-Grace High School, will share her opinions.


Meg “think[s] this year’s election is a difficult one and voters need to put a lot of thought into their decisions.”  She believes Clinton is more prepared to be president. “Politically, I would say Hillary [is more prepared] because of her long history in the bureaucratic realm i.e. Secretary of State and First Lady.”


Meg agrees with Nick, the conservative interviewee from part one, that Trump generates more enthusiasm from people too young to vote. “Those too young to vote thrive on [Trump’s] chauvinism and the attention affiliated with siding with him.”


Many people don’t think that younger people know much about politics, but both Meg and Nick showed that they do and that they have to in a political election this immense.


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Part 2 – Liberal Presidential Election Interview