Part 1- Conservative Presidential Election Interview

Macallan McSherry, Contributor

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As most people in America, maybe even the world know, the 2016 presidential election is coming up. This may be one of the most contentious elections in our history, due to the nominees being complete opposites. The differences between Republicans and Democrats are very evident this election, which makes this decision that much more important.

The people most affected by this and the ones who may have the most to say, are those too young to vote. Nick Scovil, a senior at Totino-Grace Highschool, was interviewed and said, “My thoughts on this year’s election are that we have two choices. Behind one door there is a wolf, behind another door is a princess, which do you choose? I don’t necessarily agree with the way Trump says things, but he is the lesser of the two evils. The Clintons cannot be allowed to re-enter the White House, at all costs.”

He spoke of Donald Trump being the best choice for president, which others disagree with, due to his lack of political experience and outlandish comments.

He was then asked which nominee he thought generated more support from people too young to vote. He answered, “I think Donald Trump does. Hillary just does not generate the same enthusiasm as her former rival Bernie Sanders. Especially, after it was proven that she cheated to beat him in the primaries. Trump had more energy and excitement surrounding him, but the only turn-off for Trump is that he actually wants the young people to work.”

This political election has brought and will bring more excitement, controversy and questions for the future.  Stay tuned for part two from the liberal viewpoint on Monday.

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Part 1- Conservative Presidential Election Interview