Flash Review

Conner Samson , Editor

     Who doesn’t love a superhero who is able to run faster than the speed of light?

The TV show Flash is based off of the popular comic book character from DC comics. It features Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), the Flash, who just like most superheroes is a normal guy until he is put into a coma due to a strike of energy from an experiment gone wrong. When he wakes up he is the fastest man alive, and has to use his powers to fight off the evil which threatens the city.

     This action and adventure show is created by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns, and will keep viewers on the edge of their seats through all of the intense battles and twists in the plot. I recommend this television show for anyone who is a fan of superheroes, or likes constant action throughout. As each season progresses, you will establish relationships with each character, for the creators did an amazing job developing each character’s personality and the plot around them. In many television shows the main character is the only one really developed and focused on; however, in The Flash, side characters are focused on just as much as Barry Allen. This television show is not just about fighting crime, for viewers are taken into the mind of Barry Allen, and see his character develop throughout. An example of this is the relationship between Barry and his father who remained in jail due to the false accusation of the murder of his mother. More and more characters are introduced throughout, keeping the plot fresh and allowing for many twists in the plot. Currently there are two seasons available, and each episode is around 40 minutes long.
     Sit down, get comfy, grab some popcorn and binge The Flash, for I promise you won’t regret it!