Passing on of ENN Live Show


Jacob Pinc, Conributor

This is no easy task. This is the beginning of a legacy. The torch needs to be passed down from people moving on to righteous students of Totino-Grace. But the real question is, who can handle it? Who is willing to put in the work to carry on the Eagle News Live next year? It is more than it looks, back breaking hours, intense dedication, and crazy good editing skills. The current cast is Matt Gullickson, Kyle Petersen, and Jake Pinc, but their time has expired. The skit needs new blood for 2017 and years to come.


Okay to be honest, it is not that bad. But you do have to supply a variety of things to the students. Events, sports, weather, student/staff life, ENN (Eagle News Network) stories, and any other news connected with the school need to be given. Not only does the information have to be given out, but in a fun and entertaining way. The people have to want to watch the show. Be creative and have fun with it and the show will turn out. So who is willing to bleed Eagle News Network and Student News Live? Because the legacy needs you to carry it’s flame for the second year and many more to come. For any information please contact the current cast.




Matt Gullickson, Kyle Petersen, and Jake Pinc