Minnesota is the best

Morgan Lunders, Contributor

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“There is nothing to do in Minnesota” and “I can’t wait to move somewhere warm” are just a couple of the many complaints people have about the beautiful state of Minnesota. These complaints overlook the many aspects that make Minnesota the best state around.

The complaint that there is nothing to do in Minnesota is ridiculous. Many people do not recognize that Minnesota is home to the biggest shopping center in America. The Mall of America has every store under the sun, including stores with the latest fashions to stores with items and clothing made with Alpaca to a store that sells nothing but magnets. Anything you want or need, you can find at the Mall of America. There is also an amusement park located inside the mall with an endless variety of rides to enjoy. People from all over the United States come to Minnesota just to experience the Mall of America.

Though it is only during one month, we have the best state fair throughout all the states. It was ranked the best state fair in the nation by USA Today readers. From endless flavors of ice cream to the sweet roasted corn on the cob to grilled alligator, the Minnesota State Fair has any food to satisfy your cravings. The fair also has every baby farm animal you can pet and musical concerts you can enjoy.

The complaint that Minnesota is boring contradicts the fact that Minnesota is home to over 10,000 lakes. During all four seasons, a lake offers many activities. In the winter, the lakes are “great for ice skating and snowmobiling,” senior Nick Schutz comments about why he loves going to the lake in the winter. Lakes also offer many other activities during the winter including ice fishing and snowshoeing. When the lake is thawed, more activities are available such as fishing, water skiing, water tubing, swimming, boating, wake boarding, and more. Schutz also comments, “nothing beats summer on lakes.” There is a lake near you wherever you are in Minnesota, so there is always an activity to partake in.

St. Paul and Minneapolis are filled with many must-see attractions. These attractions include the Como Zoo, which is free for all to enjoy. The cities are home to the Mill City Museum which includes Minnesota history and beautiful scenery. Minnesota has many different museums and educational centers, such as the Science museum, Sea Life Minnesota aquarium, Minneapolis institute of art, Walker art center, Minnesota Children’s museum, Great Lakes aquarium, Lake Superior Maritime visitor center, Minnesota zoo and many more. Other popular attractions in Minnesota include the Aerial Lift bridge, Valleyfair amusement park, the Cathedral of St.Paul, Minnehaha Park waterfall, Spirit Mountain ski resort, Canal Park in Duluth, Waterpark of America, the Xcel Energy Center, Target Field, Minneapolis sculpture garden, Canterbury park, First Avenue music venue, and so much more.

Along with the many different activities and places Minnesota offers, they have many other qualities. A common phrase is ‘Minnesota nice’, a behavior people in Minnesota are known to have. Minnesota is also known as the state of hockey, taking pride in hockey teams from squirts to professional. It is also known that Minnesota has the best girls. “Minnesota girls are all sweet, educated, driven, independent, and cute,” comments Mr.Million.  


“Minnesota is a state of public-spirited and polite people, where you can get a good cappuccino and eat Thai food and find any book you want and yet live on a quiet tree-lined street with a backyard and send your kids to public school. When a state this good hits the jackpot, it can only be an inspiration to everybody.”

-Garrison Keillor

“I grew up in Minnesota and everyone is so nice there. It is like Fargo. Everyone’s so chipper and you make friends just grocery shopping. We kill each other with kindness.”

-Sean William Scott

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Minnesota is the best