Seniors – What Will They Miss Most?

Hannah Daley, Contributor

The last day for the seniors is only days away, and it has been a bittersweet couple of weeks. As this last week flies by, they are absorbing everything about TG and making memories that they will remember forever. During the last days of their high school career, even the staff is making memories with them with events and get togethers during the school day.

We asked seniors what they are going to miss most about the TG community, and here is what they said:


“I am going to miss the people the most because they truly changed my life and I will be forever grateful for that.” – Abby Palma


“I am going to miss the community.” – Morgan Lunders


“I’m going to miss seeing my friends everyday as well as all the memories I’ve made throughout my years at TG.” – Allison Grodnick


“I’m going to miss seeing all of my friends everyday and the golf team.” – Matt Lutz


“I am going to miss dance team and the community feel.” – Lauren Lafeber


“What I’m going to miss most is definitely the senior class as a whole. Even though not all of us have been close all four years, the class has really made an impact on my life and I don’t think I would of enjoyed high school as much if I was in any other grade.” – Nicole Miller

The seniors give their farewell, and wish the best of luck to the rest of their classmates, as well as those still attending Totino-Grace next year. Be sure to check out the map of where the seniors are going here!