Farewell to TG

Mary Favo, Contributor

After four long years at Totino-Grace High School, I, along with the entire senior class, am finally graduating. In my personal opinion, senior year has led to a lot of personal growth. People often will say that everyone becomes friends senior year and while I believe that this is not the case, there is some truth to the statement. While I would not consider myself friends with everyone, I have found that people are much more open this year than previous years. I do not believe that I will be leaving the school in tears on the last day, but I do think that there are some aspects of TG that I will miss. It is for those gifts that I am truly grateful to have spent my four years of high school here.

I believe that the teachers at Totino-Grace deserve a “thank you” from every student. These teachers are some of the most dedicated and intelligent people that I have had the pleasure of learning from. My teachers have inspired and motivated me to work harder and do my best. It is through my lessons in class that I was able to learn more about myself and discern what I want to do with the rest of my life. Mrs. Neuman, specifically, is someone that I believe deserves recognition for the advice she gifts to students beyond the classroom. No matter what is happening in my personal life, she is always willing to listen and give advice. She believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself. In a small Catholic school such as ours, that is more than a student can ask from a teacher.

I have also found that spending the last four years in two sports has helped me learn a lot about myself beyond the classroom. Although my relationship with track and cross country weren’t always great, it was during those bad times that I realized what was really important to me. The athletic programs at Totino-Grace are some of the strongest around and excellence on the field translates to the classroom. If there is one thing that Totino-Grace does well, it is the athletic program.

Finally, I want to thank every single administrator who has taken the time to learn my name and talk to me. Totino-Grace may have faults, but community is not one of them. I may be excited to start my first year of college, but I will not forget how welcoming this school has been to my family and me. Thank you Totino-Grace for four years of growth and discovery that I will never forget.