Athlete Profile

Jake Elwell, Contributor

Nathan Kavolak is a junior at Totino-Grace High School. He participates in 3 sports: football, basketball, and golf. He succeeds in everyone of those sports, and gives his all when on the field, course, or court.


Kavolak has played football for a long time. He started in 3rd grade playing for the Irondale Knights, and continued to get better as he played throughout middle school. He played safety for the freshman “A” team in his first year at Totino-Grace. As he continued to play throughout his sophomore season, Kavolak played wide receiver. He currently plays that position and will continue to do so entering his senior year.


“Basketball is my favorite sport. I love the intensity of a close game and hope to continue to get better as the years come along,” said Kavolak. Nathan has played basketball since he was 7 years old. He played for his middle school, St. John the Baptist, and gained experience along the way. He played for the Totino-Grace Junior Varsity basketball team when he was a freshman, and got bumped up to the Varsity level as a sophomore. Nathan led the Eagles in scoring this season during their playoff run that ended against the Fridley Tigers. Kavolak also plays for the Real Athletics basketball team, where only the best basketball players from Minnesota get to play. He hopes to get an offer from a Division 2 school to continue his basketball career, and he won’t stop at anything in his journey to the NBA.


While Nathan mostly excels in basketball and football, he also is a very well instructed golfer. “Nothing beats a sunny summer morning on the course, simple as that,” said Kavolak. Nathan has golfed for a while now, and continues to work on his game. He played for the TG B-Squad gold team during his freshman and sophomore year. He decided not to play on the golf team this year in order to pay more attention on basketball, but you can still find Nathan on the course during his free time.