Student Profile: Kyle Halverson

Jacob Pinc, Contributor

Kyle Halverson is a junior at Totino-Grace high school. Most people here at school know who he is, but do not know what he does with his time and what he has accomplished. You’ll be surprised with the things this workhorse has done.

First off, he has been in multiple sports his entire life. All that work turned him into the talented sports star he is today. In high school, Kyle plays football and baseball. He was the starting varsity quarterback as a junior! He had a great season and the team beat Eden Prairie and made it to the State semi-finals. For baseball, Kyle starts as the shortstop and bats second in the line up. He is having an outstanding defensive year so far and is explosive at the plate.

It is not all about sports to the amazing Kyle Halverson though. He is an All-Star in the classroom as well. “I am usually pretty busy, but I make sure to make time to keep my grades up because they are important” said Kyle. He has a 3.9 Cumulative GPA and is also part of the National Honor Society.

Kyle also loves to express school spirit. He attends almost every basketball and hockey game. He said his favorite memory was when senior Ryan Johnson scored a hat trick against Mahtomedi. “I look up to that kid,” he explained.

Now that you know more about Kyle, go and say hi and become good friends.