Senior Dinner Dance Recap

Ebuma Namarra, Contributor

The senior dinner dance is the cherry on top to every senior’s high school career. High school is the place where you try new things, settle on what you like, and decide makes you comfortable, whether that is sports, singing, or dancing. By the time you are a senior you have probably found the things you are good at, and have found the real friends that will be a part of your life for a lifetime. The dinner dance is the place where you gather with your class one more time and have fun before you all go your respected, separate ways.

The senior dinner dance was Sunday, May 15th from six to nine o’clock on a beautiful four deck boat at the St. Croix Boat and Packet Dock. The night started off with everyone on the fourth deck taking pictures with each other in their nicest clothing, against the railing and the beautiful water behind them. As the night progressed, the boat took us on a very scenic route. Mr. Million was DJ’ing while people danced and talked. Nick Jacob then took the mic, Million gave him a beat, and Nick started to freestyle rap which got the atmosphere to lighten even more. After Nick’s awesome rapping we were served amazing food such as lasagna, pasta, breadsticks, and meatballs. After the food and more pictures, more and more people got on the dance floor and started to dance with each other, having a fun time with each other until our boat docked.

The senior dinner dance is the last hooray of high school with your class before summer, vacation make sure you go and make memories for a lifetime!