True Team Sections


Mary Favo, Contributor

The Totino-Grace Track and Field team had their True Team Sections meet Thursday May, 12 at Fridley High School.

The True Team meet is a special Track meet that highlight teams as a whole. In a normal Track and Field meet, only the top three runners score points for their team. In a True Team meet, every person racing scores a point based on the number of runners in the event. For example, if there are 18 people racing the first place runner receives 18 points. This scoring system for True Team meets makes it easier for smaller teams to be more successful. At this meet, only the top team in the section moves on to True Team State.

This past True Team Sections was very exciting for both the girl’s and the boy’s teams. Both teams started out strong with an early lead from the 4 by 800 meter relays. And as the boys ran away with their lead, the girls had to continue fights Benilde Saint Margaret’s to earn their place at True Team State. For the girls, it came down to the 4 by 400 meter relays. Although, there was a cushion from outstanding performances by Micheala Brands and Mary Boston in the 2 mile race, if the girls lost the 4 by 4, then they lost their chance at State. Ashley Cordero, Sarah Louiselle, Katy Mattox, and Maggie Louiselle sealed the team’s victory with their 4 by 4 relay. Sarah Louiselle had three races to compete in during the meet, when asked how she prepared for the meet she said, “It felt like there was a lot of pressure put upon me. I had to make sure I was eating right all throughout the week and the day of. I also planned most of my days so I could get homework done early and get to bed as soon as possible. There was a lot of preparing I had to do to beforehand to make sure that I had enough energy to do well in the 3 races.”

True Team State is this Saturday May 21 at Stillwater High School. Come cheer on your classmates to victory.