Student Profile

Jacob Elwell, Contributor

There are many gifted students at Totino-Grace, but there is one person that needs to be pointed out to the public. Joseph Pinc, often referred as “Joe”, is a junior at TG and strives for nothing but the greatest for himself and others. He plays multiple sports and does many out of school activities that should be recognized.


Joe participates in football, baseball, and intramural basketball. His intramural basketball team won the championship this year, and they couldn’t have done it without his strong post proficiency. Pinc is also a player on the TG varsity baseball team. However, the sport he most enjoys is football. Joe has played football for 11 years and is continuing to love the game more and more each year. He started off playing flag football in first grade, then moved on to tackle in second grade. Pinc played for Coon Rapids and dominated the game. He excelled his way to 9th grade, where he started for the Freshman “A” team for TG at safety. He carried on his true love for the game and hard hitting mentality to sophomore and junior year, where he now plays outside linebacker. He is looking forward to his senior football season next year, and hopes he can bring the Eagles to state. “I love this team, love all the players on it, and I will do everything I can to take us deep into the playoffs. It’s my senior season, it’s all or nothing,” said Pinc.


To add on to his athletic accomplishments, Joe also lends a helping hand in his spare time. He often attends Sharing and Caring Hands on Tuesdays, and he is looking to become a link leader next year. Pinc has a job at Texas Roadhouse, where he busses tables in their busy environment. Doing all this while maintaining a high grade point average is not easy, but this talented and gifted student athlete has a bright future ahead of him.