TG Parent Views on Graduation

Morgan Lunders , Contributor

As graduation is approaching, the senior class is excited about moving on to the next path in their lives. As for the parents of the seniors, their child’s graduation brings an emotional toll.

Parents that have had previous children graduate share their experience, “My feelings are somewhat different. Knowing that our youngest is grown up and will be away from home next year is very hard!” Maria Miller, mother of senior Nicole Miller and Ashley Miller (2013), shares her thoughts about having her first child graduate versus her last child. Maria commented about whether her first child or her last is more emotional, “Definitely the last. The high school days are over. Now it’s time for life in the real world. My baby won’t need me as much.”

Tippy Sullwold, mother of senior Julia Sullwold and Seth Sullwold (2014), shares her thoughts on her second child graduating versus her first child, “My feelings are somewhat different: I know what to expect at graduation, I am excited for our child to start her new adventure in life.” From already experiencing a child graduate, Tippy remembers lessons that she takes with her as she goes through the graduation process with her second child. “Calm down, things will get done, there are people to help us get through.” Tippy shares. “Just remember your child has been working twelve years for this moment, make it theirs, not yours.” Along with the feelings Maria Miller shared, Tippy agrees that having their last child graduate is more emotional. “Last kid is more emotional, both will be out of the house on their own, we will have an empty house. My first graduate was a boy, second was a girl, and parents are always more worried about sending their daughter off to college.”

Although graduation causes a great deal of emotions, the graduation of the last child in a family usually generates the most emotion. During the graduation period almost everything is focused on the young adult graduating, but sometimes the people that are going through the most is the parents. The sadness that a lot of the parents are experiencing should also be accompanied by excitement for their child to take on the world. Totino-Grace has provided a great environment for students to be successful and has taught lifelong lessons that the graduates will bring with them throughout their whole lives. Graduation is an accomplishment and time in life where parents and graduates should feel proud and ready to take on the next step in their lives.