Prom 2016


Camille Lilleberg, Contributor

Prom 2016 is finally at a close,“I have always loved prom, and my prom experience did not disappoint this year,” said senior Nate Louiselle.

Instead of the normal Grand March this year it was changed to the Grand Reception. At the Grand Reception both the commons and the gym were decorated with different backdrops for picture taking, snacks, drinks, and families all gathered together to take pictures and admire all the dresses and tuxes. “People amped it that it was going to be so bad, and even I am guilty of that, but when I got there I thought it was better and it was a better opportunity to get pictures with backgrounds and with your friends and have more time,” said senior Josie Sticha

This year the venue was at the Silverwood Park off of Silverlake road. After asking senior Ebuma Namarra how the venue was, he replied, “I really enjoyed the venue, they should have prom there every year.” For those of you who did not get to attend prom this year, or see the venue, as soon as you pulled into Silverwood Park there was a gate that opened and you would drive down this winding road towards the parking lot. Once you got to the doors of the venue you could hear the music blasting, and see all the beautiful dresses and students lined up waiting upon their entry. Walking into the actual dance, to the left was the infamous photo booth where students lined up quickly. Next to the photo booth was a door to the back of the venue where there was a fireplace and area to talk with friends. Inside there was tables of food, Mr. Million DJing, and students dancing. A very fun night to say the least.

Golf courses were a very popular place for pictures this year. Some other ideas for you future prom goers would be Edinburgh Golf Course in Brooklyn Park, Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, Muriel Sahlin Arboretum in Roseville, and many more.

“My first and last prom was a lot of fun! My favorite part was probably the dance itself and especially the photo booth,” said senior Marie Gikling-Bjorna

Overall Totino-Grace prom was a success and students are looking forward to next year!