Computers in School

Hannah Daley, Contributer

In 2014, computers were brought to the students of TG. The past three years have been a time for staff to transition to the change, and learn how to work with students and understand the changes.

This year’s senior grade is the last grade at Totino-Grace that has experienced school without computers. According to many of the seniors, computers have impacted their study habits and organization, but have also become a distraction at times. “The computer tempts you to look things up more without even trying to figure it out first”, says senior Abby Palma. Although she is able to study quizlet and online games, the computer has many distractions that make it easy to get off task.

Lauren Lafeber especially likes the computers for organization purposes. “I now have everything in one place and it is awesome!” She relies on it for taking notes, studying, and as said before, organizing her materials.

According to Amy Golod, author of the article Educators Work To Better Integrate Technology into the Classroom, computers mostly serve as a distraction. However, she explains in this article the ways that students and schools can integrate technology for the better of the students education. There are many ways to incorporate technology for the better, such as organizing workshops to show teachers how to best incorporate technology in their lessons, without causing distraction.

What are your thoughts on computers? If you would like to know more statistics on computers in school around the world, take a look at the links at the bottom of the page.