Captain America: Civil War Review

Emily Kirkevold, Contributor

Captain America or Iron Man? Be ready to choose a side in the new movie inside the Marvel Universe. If you are a fan of superheroes, awesome action scenes, or comedy this movie is the one for you. In Captain America: Civil War, your favorite superheroes are forced to choose sides. The United Nations have called for the Avengers to be put under watch and under control. After the incidents of both the Avengers in the first and second movie and the reveal of what S.H.I.E.L.D. was a front for Hydra has put the idea of the Avengers in a bad light. While they always get a happy ending the damage sustained has always been great.

Now the Avengers are split into two groups, Captain America and Iron Man. Captain America rebels against the new system after it goes after his oldest friend, Bucky. Captain Rogers now has to go against his friends after Bucky is made a international criminal. Fighting ensues and with Avengers new and old coming to fight any Marvel fans will be torn. There is no right side as both Tony Stark and Steve Rogers both are wrong in their actions and while they are fighting each other a person is pulling the strings in the back.

I would recommend Captain America: Civil War for anyone looking for a awesome action movie with all the stars you love. While the ending leaves me heartbroken, I cannot wait for the next movie in the Marvel Universe.