Grey’s Anatomy Review

Alli Grodnick, Contributor

When high school girls were asked what their favorite TV show was, around 60% chose Grey’s Anatomy. Friends was the closest runner up to Grey’s Anatomy with around 15% of surveyed girls choosing this. So, the question is, is Grey’s Anatomy all it is cracked up to be? Or should season twelve be the last?


Well to start, Grey’s Anatomy has it all. Suspense, humor, romance and of course, the tear jerking drama that draws many viewers in. Grey’s Anatomy is the epitome of a suspenseful drama that keeps everyone guessing. You can always count on the death of your favorite character, but never know when or how it will happen. Many would think that the death of none other than the Derek Shepherd would have killed the show, but surprisingly it did not. It turns out that the loyal viewers are more forgiving than most once they find out that their McDreamy doesn’t make it to season 12.


It is an understatement to say that Grey’s Anatomy is an emotional rollercoaster that is seemingly impossible to get off on. A way writer Shonda Rhimes keeps the audience hooked is the constant suspense and many surprises. Grey’s Anatomy fan Amelia Vosen shares that she loves Grey’s Anatomy because, “The show leaves a cliffhanger after every episode.”


Another key part about the drama and emotion of the show is the romance as well. When it is said that all the characters in Grey’s have been with in a relationship with 5 other doctors throughout their life, it’s not a lie. Grey’s Anatomy has forever changed the meaning of an on call room. Grey’s fanatic Nicole Newman shares her reason for loving the show, “because McDreamy and Meredith.” For those who do not follow the show, she is referring to the star couple of the series. Their relationship as well as the relationships of many other doctors are followed throughout the show. All of which add to the drama and romance aspects of the series.


Although it may seem as if all this show is about is drama, many claim to love Grey’s Anatomy for the medical part as well. If you did not want to be a doctor before Grey’s, there is a high chance that the thought will cross your mind afterwards. Grey’s Anatomy fan Caitlyn Tigner states, “I want to be a doctor so I think it’s really interesting.”


Not only are the actors great, but the people behind the scenes are too. Writer Shonda Rhimes creates a complex story line loved by many. And directors Kevin McKidd and Debbie Allen know how to catch the perfect angle as well as transfer the emotion felt in the scene to the audience. A great cast and crew makes for quite a successful show.


All in all, Grey’s Anatomy does a phenomenal job with keeping viewers hooked through strong characters, cliffhangers, and the plot. So yes, the show really is all it’s cracked up to be. If you are in need for a new show on Netflix, Grey’s Anatomy is strongly suggested, so grab your tissues and get started.
Lauren Lafeber, Grey’s Anatomy fan, shares, “I look forward to my Thursdays spent watching Grey’s Anatomy.” So join Lauren along with 8 million other viewers to watch Doctor Karev save a baby or keep up with Avery and April’s relationship on Thursdays at 7 on ABC.