Dodge for a Difference

Hannah Daley, Contributer

On May 1st, the TG commons were filled with students preparing for an afternoon filled with dodgeball. The tournament started at 11:30, and about 20 teams participated. As Mr. Million explained the rules and shared information about the tournament, the students could not help but anxiously wait for the games to start.

The Legends division, which is the easiest division, consisted of all grades and took place in the small gym. The champions division, which is the highest division, took place in the big gym and consisted of mostly senior teams, along with a few underclassmen teams.

As the tournament went on, teams played about 5 consecutive games until it came around to elimination time. The intensity arose when this time came, and the teams began to take the games more seriously.

As the tournament went on, the hunger increased for the championship. It came down to semi-finals, and the ending teams were to play a best 2 out of 3 game. In the end, the team named JD Floral’s Mystical Slinger Group took home the championship.