Get To Know Your Administration: Dr. Junker


Maddie Kubic, Contributor


“I would love the opportunity to lead by example and do so much good in this world!” Replied Dr. Craig Junker on what he would do if he won the lottery.  Dr. Junker has been with Totino- Grace High School for two years now.  In his life he has had the titles of English teacher, President, Principal and Head Soccer Coach for 15 years.  “I went from Catholic Education to public school Superintendent.  That is very rare.”  At some point he would also love to get back into the classroom.

Dr. Junker grew up in Burnsville with two brothers and one sister.  His favorite memory from when he was a little boy was fishing with his family in Northern Minnesota.  Junker went to Burnsville High School, and shortly after he began a new chapter of his life at St. John’s University.  “There was a group of guys from TG on my floor that always had each other’s backs, they were so loyal to each other.”  At that point he realized that he did not know what he was missing, and “that was community, it was profound.”  Junker graduated with a Political Science and English major.  

Next he ended up as a Lasallian Volunteer and lived with the Christian Brothers!  One of the Brothers taught him to love the kids he was helping unconditionally, and give them hope.  Brother Tom Gary told Dr. Junker that he would be Jesus to somebody.  He also said, “Find out what you stand for and what you want.”  After thinking for a while, Dr. Junker realized what his answer was, “I want to inspire and motivate with a team!”  Through these experiences, the Catholic faith taught him even more to persevere and be purposeful!  Dr. Junker’s favorite Saint is St. John Baptist De La Salle and his favorite quote is, “Live Jesus In Our Hearts, Forever!”

Some of the most memorable moments of his life so far have mostly come from his own family and his siblings, “I am so lucky, God has blessed me so, so much!”  

Junker’s favorite meal is pizza, and his favorite candy is M&M’s, “I’m a chocolate hound!”  He loves going to the Boundary Waters, and when he has a rare day off his favorite and most important activity is being present to his kids, “We do everything together!”  Junker’s favorite type of music is classic rock and his biggest pet peeve is “Arrogance and people who judge.”

If Dr. Junker could invite three people to a dinner party, he would invite, “Jesus, no doubt, Martin Luther King and Jackie Robinson!”  When Eagle News Network asked Junker who has been his biggest role model throughout his life, he replied, “My dad, yeah, without a doubt.  He’s a very simple man, driven, smart and always family centered.”

Dr. Junker left us with a piece of advice, “Be loved, give love!  Look for opportunities, and get the most and the best education possible.”

Several students and staff were asked, “How would you describe Dr. Junker and how do you think TG has changed since Dr. Junker has become the President?”


“I think Dr. Junker’s main goal and mission at TG is to make everyone feel important, special and welcome. Dr. Junker has gone above and beyond to make that goal of his come to life. He takes time out of his day to call kids down to his office just to tell them how wonderful they are. He never hesitates to say hello and ask how your day is going. Dr. Junker has been spotted at a plethora of sporting events, band concerts and other student related activities. Dr. Junker is a wise man with lots of knowledge that he is constantly sharing with the school. He truly does love being apart of the TG community and has a been a great attribute to the school.  TG has faced a lot of adversity over the past couple of years. Dr. Junker has helped the school and the students to overcome this adversity and he has helped bring the community back together.”

-Lauren Lafeber


“Dr. Junker is a friendly guy, and very well spoken.  He is also curious and interested in students lives.”

-Allie Stelzner


“He is energetic, aware, and a hard worker. A genuine person with integrity and a strong faith.  He is a strong leader who isn’t afraid to make hard decisions in light of what is in the best interest of the young people in this community. He is an action taker, he gets things done.  TG has become more financially sustainable and has become stronger. Significant challenges in the past years caused the “roots” of the school to be pulled up.  The roots are settling back into place and growing. New fruit is close to budding.”

-Ms. Hoey Germann


“Energetic, passionate, student-centered, he wants to help this great community become even more committed to our pillars of learning, faith, community and service.”

-Mr. Bill Vance