Amelia Vosen 2016 Athena Award Recipient

Lauren Lafeber, Contributor

Stand out athlete, honors student, and an active member in the TG community, it is no surprise senior Amelia Vosen is the recipient of the 2016 Athena Award. The Athena Award is considered to be one of the highest regarded female athletic awards that can be received. The Athena Award strives to recognize outstanding senior female athletes and honor each woman for their athletic achievements.


Before coming to TG, Amelia attended St.Stephen’s in Anoka. Amelia has been playing hockey and soccer since she was just four years old throughout the Anoka county/Ramsey association. She then began her lacrosse career her freshmen year of high school.


When asked how she felt about coming to TG she responded via email, “At first I had hesitation of coming to TG because I did not want to leave my friends that I had grown up with for nine years, but when I came to TG I grew relationships with friends and teammates that I have definitely enjoyed meeting.”


TG has given Amelia endless opportunities to thrive and grow as both a student and an athlete. On top of being a three sport captain, Amelia is an active member of Positive Peer Leadership Program, Empower, Link Crew, National Honor Society and Youth Teaching Youth. Amelia knows she would not have been given the same opportunities if she was still at Anoka. “If it wasn’t for TG and the people in the TG community I wouldn’t be where I am today.” Amelia would also like to thank her coaches for guiding her to do her best, her teammates for always pushing her, Sylvia for training her to avoid chronic injury, her teachers for educating her both in and out of season, and lastly her parents for always driving her to sporting events and supporting her throughout high school.


Being a stand out athlete on top of being a standout student definitely isn’t easy; in fact, Amelia describes her greatest achievement as both a high school student and an athlete as, ” Maintaining a high GPA while being involved in sports in the fall, winter and spring.” Amelia plans to continue to strive for excellence and further both her education and athletic career at Gustavus Adolphus college this fall where she will play on the women’s hockey team.