Controversy of Tanning Age

Camille Lilleberg, Contributor

Minnesota has banned the use of tanning beds for all minors under the age of 18.


The law before, was if you were between the ages of 14-18, you had to get consent from your parental guardians to be able to tan, but now you must be 18 years of age.


Yes, tanning is harmful. Yes, the younger you are the more harmful it can be, but either way no matter what age there is still a risk of it being harmful to you, so why ban it from teens who are getting consent. Parents were willing to allow their children to tan and sign papers for it, so why get rid of it? It would be very much understandable if the law was any minor under 14-18 being able to tan just on their own without parental consent, but that is not the case.


Another argument is some teenagers are going to prom, who are not 18. Some of them like to go tanning for it because they may be uncomfortable or self conscious on how tan they are or aren’t, but with the new law they are not allowed.


There are also teens out there who suffer with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). SAD is another form of depression having to do with the change in seasons. SAD usually starts up in the beginning of fall and throughout the winter, draining teens of happiness, and their energy which causes them to be unusually moody. When diagnosed with SAD, some doctors will prescribe them to red light therapy (tanning booths). But with the new law in place, teenagers who may be suffering with SAD, are no longer allowed the privilege to go tanning, until they are 18 years of age. Which by then, their depression could have gotten progressively worse where red light therapy may not even do the trick anymore.


18 may be the new age to be able to tan, but all ages should be able to tan with parental consent, if it was really a problem for the young teens, their parents would have said so.