Athlete Profile- Ryan King

Ebuma Namarra, Contributor

Tennis season is in full effect right now, and senior tennis captain, Ryan King is in full swing to have a great season with his teammates. With the season already upon us, Ryan gives us a look into what he expects for the season as it keeps progressing.

In an email interview, ENN asked what he expects for the season, Ryan said, “To have fun and improve our record from last year and my personal record”. This is a feat that they are concurring right now,the TGBT team is at a cool 7-4 this season, and Ryan himself has an impeccable record of 10-1. This record does not come easy to TGBT as they are in the Northwest Suburban conference which has the bigger schools, but TGBT is a powerhouse in this conference.

Ryan is an amazing tennis player with a great serve. Ryan has been perfecting his craft since the third grade. The last two years Ryan has been All-Conference which has proved that he is a befitting captain. Ryan said in the interview that he wanted to be a “good captain” and a contributor to a “better record”.

This will be Ryan’s last year of playing tennis and he won’t be furthering his tennis career in college, but he said “I will play in some way until I physically can’t anymore”. Catch a game while you can!