Link Ambassadors

Conner Samson, Editor

     For the 2016-2017 school year and on, the leadership programs Student Ambassadors and Link Crew are combining into one group called Link Ambassadors.

     Mrs. Sharockman, one of the supervisors of the group, commented on the events which Link Ambassadors would participating, and what events from the two groups would carry on with the new group. She said, “The majority of events will be combined into one. Students will be helping out with the winter open house. We do not want to overwhelm students with this change, for we want to combine the program to use students where it is most effective and the best use of their time.”
The group is keeping the competitive application process which one of the previous groups, Link Crew, had required. Mrs. Sharockman commented on this saying, “We had about 150 applicants for the 2016-2017 school year which is great, but we can only accept about half of those. This group is really competitive, for we would love to take everybody, but we have to really narrow it down to who would best serve us.” What types of students is Link Ambassadors looking for? The answer is all types. Mrs. Sharockman affirmed this, adding, “We want to represent the entire student population. Of course we want the students who are involved in football, basketball, Kathleen Murphy Scholars; however, not every student is like that. We want to attract all kinds of different incoming students. Maybe instead you are interested in theater or trapshooting or whatever the case may be. We want students from a wide range of interests and personalities.” You do not have to be super outgoing, for the supervisors have recognized that students who are not always the loudest can still be great leaders.

     The main reason the two groups combined is due to the similarities which the supervisors recognized. Students from Link Crew were helping with Student Ambassador events, and vice versa. In the words of Mrs. Sharockman, the two have been combined to form a “supergroup.”
     The three biggest events which Link Ambassadors will be hosting for the 2016-2017 school year are: the first day of school orientation which welcomes freshmen and transfer students. “Link Crew had a lot of success last year, it was a great day. It was productive and helped the students from day one feel more comfortable here, which is the mission of the group,” said Mrs. Sharockman, reminiscing about last years orientation turn-out.  Open houses are another big event. There are two of them which are important times of the year where many people gather and we can showcase everything that TG is. Lastly, hosting students (shadows) are big. “We have 300 visitors a year, and we have seen that when students spend a day here it can be a make or break,” responded Mrs. Sharockman, stressing how important this day was for the prospective students.

     Mrs. Sharockman was asked to sum up the new Link Ambassadors program in a few words, in which she replied, “Critical to the school’s future. Warm, friendly, inviting and accepting. I would hope that seventh graders, eighth graders and prospective parents would say, “Wow, this is where I want my kid to be!”
     Apply in the future to be a part of the new Link Ambassador group where you will represent your school alongside many other students in the Totino-Grace community!