Company Performs at the Ordway

Nicole Miller, Contributor

Last Saturday, April 23, Totino-Grace Company of Singers was honored with the opportunity to perform at the Ordway in St. Paul. Company opened up the second half of the Great Northern Union’s concert. The Great Northern Union is an all male acapella group. This concert contained the Company of Singers, St. Croix Crossing ,and of course, the Great Northern Union.

Company arrived downtown at about three o’clock for a sound check. They did a quick run through of the show and then were treated to dinner at Cossetta’s. After dinner, the group stuck around the restaurant for a while until it was about 6:30 pm. When 6:30 came around, the group walked back over to the Ordway and got ready for the show. The performers were not allowed to watch the rest of the concert because it was a sold out show, so Company had to wait until it was our time to perform. We then performed the show, then had to wait until the rest of the concert was done to load up the truck.

This opportunity came around because, “The Great Northern Union was looking to feature top-notch musical talent of all ages thus the ‘senior’ quartet, our high schoolers and then the Great Northern Union,” says director Terry Voss. This experience was something Company of Singers has never done before. It was an exciting opportunity to perform with other local groups like the Great Northern Union and also the ‘senior’ quartet.

There was a sold out crowd of 1100 people. The crowd was very enthusiastic with the performance and seemed to love every minute of it. A Company parent said they really enjoyed the Great Northern Union, as well as our performance. They said that they had a lot of character and had very nice voices. One of the Company parents also commented on the announcer of the night, who was also a local comedian. “He really knew how to make the little breaks interesting, and get a chuckle out of everyone.” Performing at the Ordway was new experience for everyone and not many people get the opportunity in high school to perform there. It’s exciting to be able to say, for all my life, that I, along with all the Company of Singers performed at the Ordway.