May Horoscopes

Mary Favo and Maggie Louiselle, Contributor

Aries: As an aries, you tend to be very independent. You don’t like taking orders from other people and you can be moody at at times. Today is a good day to start a new project at school. Find someone you work well with and share ideas with them. Be open to what they have to say and work as a team.


Taurus: Taurus’ can get very stressed when things aren’t organized. Today may be a bit chaotic for you. Don’t shy away from handling these tasks. People will notice and admire you for your graceful way of dealing with stressful situations.


Gemini: As a Gemini you aren’t very comfortable with spending money. Sometime this week you may be asked to several social events which require you to spend greater amounts then you are agreeable with. You might feel like you have to cancel some of these plans. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s what’s best for you. Your friends will understand.


Cancer: Cancers should be active today. Go and make plans with your friends to have a night on the town. Go out to eat at casual restaurant or maybe stop at a coffee shop. Enjoy the time and the conversation you have with your friends.


Leo: Leo’s gain energy by socializing. As tempted as you may be to waste away the day indoors, marathoning Harry Potter, it would be better if you pushed yourself to go outside and enjoy the company of others.


Virgo: As a virgo you tend to be very in touch with nature. You are an animal lover and would do anything to hold a sloth. Because sloths aren’t the easiest animals to obtain, try going to a pet shop or an animal shelter. I’m sure a puppy will do the trick.


Libra: Libra’s are very sneaky people. They will lurk down the hallway, quietly listening to other’s conversations. I’d suggest taking a page from Draco Malfoy’s life and realizing that sneaking around doesn’t get you anywhere. Be open about who you are and good vibes will come your way


Scorpio: Scorpios can be very uptight and worry about problems that don’t even involve them. Today is your day to pamper yourself. Eat some chocolate or curl up and watch your favorite Harry Potter movie. You’ve been taking life too seriously and it’s time for you to take a step back and enjoy it.


Sagittarius: Today, you will be lucky in your relationships. It’s as good a time as any to put yourself out there and ask out that special someone. It’s always important to realize that these chances are one in a million and you don’t want to secretly be in love with someone for the rest of your life. Don’t be like Snape, tell that person how you truly feel about them… always.


Capricorn: Capricorns are very social people, but they tend to hold grudges. A personal relationship you have been struggling with will start to mend itself back together. They had their issues and you had yours, but now you are on the same page. Try talking to this person today and avoid any past conversations that caused this relationship to break. Keep it lighthearted and friendly. You both deserve a break.


Aquarius: Romantically, this is not your day. Socially, this isn’t your day either. I’d suggest staying away from windows and cameras. Bury your face inside your favorite Harry Potter book. Because if your enemies catch a glimpse of you, you will be sure to make a fool of yourself. Nobody wants you to fail, but the universe simply doesn’t like you today.


Pisces: Simplicity is key for pisces today. Go back to your roots and rediscover what makes you, you. Whether that’s your love for Harry Potter or an affinity for sloths, re engrossing yourself with your past will make you more in tune with your present. And will help you understand and solve future problems.