New Prom Rules – A Student Perspective

Hannah Daley, Contributer

Earlier this month, students and parents of Totino-Grace received an email about the new prom changes that are taking place this year.  Instead of a Grand March, there will be a Grand Reception where students, family, and friends are able to take pictures and help themselves to refreshments. However, this is not the only change. Students are required to stay until 10pm, or until the dance ends. Parents were also notified to discourage their children from getting a party bus with their prom group as it “encourages bad behavior”.

Although these changes have been made in the efforts to improve prom and decrease spending, students are not happy. Many students have to change their plans which is sending them into a frenzy.

Senior Rachel Kullas says, “Grand March is something that students, parents, and family look forward to and love attending. I do not feel that it ‘promotes extravagance’ as they said in the email. Prom is an extravagant event either way, and nothing will change by not having a grand march. Grand March should be a time to come together as a school, a time for parents to see their children dressed so nice, and a time for the students to have a little moment of fame.”

Students believe that Grand March is something that the parents look forward to every year, as it is a time to see their children in front of the lights, smiling for the cameras. Now it is simply a crowded gathering in the commons.

Overall, students understand that they are to stay the required time at the dance. Morgan Lunders states, “I think it is a good idea to set a time you have to stay at the dance because then people won’t be wasting money and it would be more fun if everyone was there at the same time.” Morgan as well as many other students wish to keep the tradition of prom instead of changing the rules so they have a completely different and unfamiliar experience. Prom is a time where students wish to be independent and make their own plans with their friends, rather than have the administration make the rules for them.

Senior Peter Morawczynski, however, agrees with one thing. Peter has been to all prom events in his high school career and because of that he has had more experience at the venue. “Students show up and leave within 20 minutes causing the total number of students to be low and the fun of the dance to plummet.”

Students understand that Prom is a time to enjoy dancing and seeing friends in their beautiful dresses, but all they ask is for a little more leniency.