Signing Day

Conner Samson , Editor

     On April 14, seniors Michaela Brands, James Streeter and Francis Weyrauch all signed their National Letter of Intent, not only confirming their commitment to a college, but furthering their careers as athletes to the collegiate level.

     Excitement was high throughout the Totino-Grace office as friends and family of the three athletes packed the conference room. When asked how it felt to sign the letter and be committed to a college, the players all responded that it was a “relief.” Michaela Brands signed with Creighton to run division one cross country and James Streeter signed with Lake Region State to play basketball. When asked if Streeter had any goals for the foreseeable future, he responded (via email), “I’m going to this school for one or two years, then transferring to a bigger D1-D2 school and continue to play basketball.” Lastly, Francis Weyrauch signed with St. Joseph’s to play volleyball.

     Unlike Streeter and Weyrauch, Brands did not have Creighton on her radar until this past summer. She was passing through Nebraska and decided to schedule a tour, leading to the cross country coach taking interesting in her. Streeter and Weyrauch had already met with their coaches by this time, for Weyrauch had received an email from her coach last spring, and Streeter talked to his coach after he visited one of his spring AAU games. Beyond athletics, Weyrauch plans on getting a masters degree in math and getting a double minor in education and biology. She would like to become a math teacher and coach volleyball on the side. These three athletes are excited to take the next step from high-school to the collegiate level.

     This commitment they have made not only paves the way for their future, but motivates them through their career as athletes.