College Fair

Nicole Miller, Contributor

This Thursday April 21 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm, the annual Totino Grace college fair will take place. This is an event that TG hosts every year to encourage sophomores, juniors, and their parents to get prepared for their future decisions. “It’s a great way for students (with their parents) to speak to a college admissions representative in a comfortable environment.  Students may not have the chance to travel to some of these schools that are at a distance, so this gives TG students an opportunity to learn about schools they may want to visit at a later time,” said counselor Ms. Michels.


This year there are 74 colleges attending “from across the town, across the state, and across the country!” Exclaimed Ms. Michels. This year there are more colleges than ever before. Two years ago there were 40 colleges and last year there were 54 colleges. Ms. Michels said, “I’ve made a conscious effort to expand our college fair so TG students have access to more college information–and more colleges will come to know the great students we have at TG.” It may be very difficult for a student to pick what college is right for them because they have so many options. “Students have so many options! Finding a school that is the right fit takes time and effort. This college fair is one way to bring information directly to our students,” said Ms. Michels.


When students arrive at the college fair they will receive a map of the Commons and Gym with each college labeled. There will be a representative at each table, who will “answer questions about the school, discuss its strengths, or give out printed information on programs and admissions requirements.” Students can walk around to any appealing tables in the Commons and Gym where they can stop and get more information about the school. They will also receive a list of questions they can ask the college reps. “Students may ask any questions regarding admissions requirements, the application, financial aid, the social and academic environment at the school, strong majors or programs for which the school is known for, housing, and so much more.”


Ms. Michels encourages students to, “Be open to learning about and considering colleges you’ve never heard of.  Keep in mind that in the same way you may never have heard of a school before, the school also has never heard of you!  And you may find a perfect fit at a school you’ve never considered.  Be assertive; step up to a table and ask a question.  This is your college search process–so embrace it and take charge of it.”