Movie Review: Batman v. Superman

Chris Infanzon, Contributor

If Batman v. Superman could be summed in two words, those words would be “Spectacular Mess”. In an era of the epic Marvel movies and the Dark Knight Trilogy, this movie is expected to be the next best thing since Marvel’s Avengers movies. In this Zack Snyder picture, Superman, who is played by Henry Cavill reprises his role from the previous movie Man Of Steel, is faced with the challenges of going against Batman (Ben Affleck) and Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). Superman is also facing accusation from different groups of people affected by the battle he had with General Zod in the previous movie, which also caused the destruction of most of Metropolis. This also a reason why Bruce decided he needs to go and battle Superman as people believe that he is a threat to humanity even though out of the two of them, Batman actually kills multiple people and Superman rarely does even though the media sets him up to be a killer.

However, this movie has its moments such as Batman standing to Superman after he trashes the Batmobile and the meeting they both had when invited to Lex’s party. This movie also showcases the first big screen appearance of Wonder Woman along with snippets of Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg. It seems that DC and Warner Bros. want to get right into a Justice League movie. Clues go toward Injustice, which is concerning considering that they are trying to catch up to Marvel and potentially make as much money as Marvel.

However, unlike Marvel they never gave the new characters such as Ben Affleck’s Batman or Wonder Woman their own movie to give them their own time to develop as characters. It should also be noted that there are multiple plot holes in this movie such as Lex’s true intentions for example. Plot holes are  never a good thing for any type of movie especially for a movie that is as anticipated as Batman v. Superman.

This movie had some controversy even before the release which is thanks to the casting decisions made by Warner Bros. . Beginning with the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman, which caught everyone by surprise considering most were expecting Christian Bale who played Batman in the fantastic Dark Knight trilogy.

Another surprise decision is the casting of Jesse Eisenberg for the role of Lex Luthor which most expected to be Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad. No one knew what to expect from Eisenberg but people seemed to have a bad taste with Affleck considering his role in the Marvel movie Daredevil (2003) which many saw as a disappointment.

This movie however proved most people wrong about Affleck as the caped crusader but many still felt that Eisenberg’s portrayal as Lex was mediocre at best, some even citing him as the main problem with movie in general. Problem or not the casting of Jesse Eisenberg is still one that confuses many fans.   

Batman V. Superman is a film that fans have to see for themselves in order to judge whether it is good or bad. It’s a film that is packed with tons of action scenes that will keep regular audiences captivated to the screen. However, comic book fans approach this movie with caution and please save any rage for home and not the theatre.