Another successful Grandparents day

Morgan Lunders, Contributor

Totino-Grace hosts an event each year known as Grandparents Day. Hundreds of students and their Grandparent(s) look forward to a day of celebrating mass, enjoying a breakfast, and experiencing a class together. This event took place last Friday, the 8th of April. The day was not only an afternoon of attending events with a Grandparent, but a celebration of the many blessings Grandparents have brought and continue to bring into lives of the students here at Totino-Grace.

Senior, Molly Mckinney, brought two of her grandmas and her grandpa on Friday to attend the Grandparents Day event. “My Grandparents really enjoyed Grandparents Day. It meant a lot to them that I asked them to come and spend the morning with me.” She commented. “My grandparents mean a lot to me, they teach me a lot of life lessons and give me advice, and we can always find something to laugh about .” Molly shares the importance of Grandparents in her life and the impact they had and continue to have on her life.

The importance of grandparents day does not only affect the students, but have a big impact on the Grandparents as well. I am truly blessed to have a total of 5 grandparents in my life who have been attending Grandparents day at Totino-Grace for the past 5 years with my older sister (‘13) and I. My Grandma on my mom’s side shared that Grandparents Day is special to her because she is “proud of her grandchildren and love to spend time with them.” My Grandpa on my dad’s side commented that he “loves to share in the Christian education given”, and that is why Grandparents day holds such a meaning to him. The favorite event on Grandparents day for my grandparents was the mass, they all agreed “sharing in Christian values all together is very important.”

Christian values are just one of the aspects that many of the Grandparents have passed down to their grandchildren and students at Totino-Grace. They have enriched many of our lives with their experience and knowledge of faith. Personally, each and every one of my Grandparents have taught me Christian values that I will carry with me forever. My Grandma on my dad’s side shared that Totino-Grace is a great place for her grandchildren to attend, or to have attended, due to their “stability and high moral values” that they bring to the lives of their students.

Grandparents day is an exceptional day that TG students and their families are blessed to partake in. It is an annual event that has been successful for many years, and will be for many more years to come. Grandparents are amazing influences that we should all thank God for everyday.