“A Head Full of Dreams”: Album Review

Maggie Louiselle, Contributor

The british pop rock band, Coldplay, released their seventh studio album “A Head Full of Dreams” on December 4th, 2015. This album, produced by Rik Simpson and Stargate, offers a different style than what most Coldplay fans are used to. Comparing it to previous albums, you can find several tracks on this album that have a rather uplifting and colorful technique.

Their first single, “Adventure of a Lifetime”, is a track many may be familiar with. This energetic and vibrant song is one that will easily get stuck in your head with its blissful manner. Their second single, “Hymn for the Weekend”, features the one and only Beyoncé. This song shows beautiful harmonizing between Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin and Beyoncé. It is most definitely one you and your friends will want to blast in the car. Beyoncé isn’t the only artist featured on this album. Tove Lo makes an appearance on the album’s sixth track “Fun”. This song features a soft duet between the two artists and refers to Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s divorce. For those Coldplay fans who cherish the slow and sentimental tracks, the fourth track “Everglow” will not disappoint. It takes us a step back on this energetic album to remind us of some of Coldplay’s previous successful singles like “Yellow” and “Fix You”. Another song that stood out to me was the second track “Birds”. This song is a perfect mix between intense and nostalgic while still being catchy the first time you listen to it. 

Coldplay’s eleven track album, “A Head Full of Dreams”, has been a huge success, reaching number one in the UK, and number two in the US, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, and Italy. Not only that, but this album was also nominated for British album of the year. If you are a Coldplay fan this album is filled with several refreshing and different songs while still maintaining some tracks that you might expect based on their previous albums.